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Monday, January 10, 2011

This is it... (rants, things to do, etc.)

School starts on Thursday. I have English Comp II from 5:30-8:30.

Will the entire class be filled with 18-19 year old who make me feel old and wise?
Will the teacher like me?
What if everyone else has already bought their book/s?
Will I even understand what the teacher tries to teach me?
What if, what if, what if???

I'm kind of nervous about this whole "going back to school" thing, despite how excited I am about it all. It's good butterflies, ya know?

Today was supposed to be the practice run to school after work... but it snowed last night, so I'm rescheduling the run for Wednesday, hoping that things will have cleared up by then. If I miss it, then I guess there won't be a practice run at all. Which would make me WAY MORE NERVOUS than I already am.

This week, the only class that I have is English Comp, and that class is "off-campus". It's actually at a local high school, which I think is closer to my job than the actual campus. So I'm not worried about this week.

Next week is the REAL back-to-school week. Monday is International Relations. Tuesday is American Government. Wednesday is Introduction to Theatre. And Thursday will be my second week of English Comp.

I'm very worried about getting to class on time next Monday-Wednesday. But there isn't anything that I can do about that! I will just have to tell my professors that I work full time through the week and may be late. We shall see...

Things that I really want to get accomplished by next week:

  1. Get entire apartment cleaned from head to toe. This includes picking up, vaccuuming, dusting, bleaching, laundry, etc. (and also includes putting up xmas decorations that are still out.... yes, that includes the blasted tree)

  2. Get the Nordic Track out of the living room and into the guest room/gym. Go get borrowed TV from Mom's house, also to go in guest room/gym.
  3. Donate all clothes that are sitting in guest room/gym to either Goodwill or Disabled Vets

  4. Spend lots of quality time with Mom, and try to help her figure out how she is going to spend her evenings (without me! and without Dad, who is also taking some night classes)

  5. Make that test-run to school from work.

  6. Buy school supplies (everything but my text books, which I will buy after I go to class)

Can I do all of this? Yes I can. Will I? We'll see.

P.S. This is a picture of me with my dog, Diva.


  1. You can do it! Night classes tend to not be as full of 18 year old kids.. it's more workers and people paying for their own education which helps the caliber of student! You may find yourself overwhelmed! As much as I <3 reading your blog, just remember that the school work and healthy eating are priority over it! (it's one of the reasons my blogging halted)

    Anyway!!! Good luck! Sounds like you have a nice course load!

  2. Blogging keeps me sane at work... otherwise my life would be constant paper cuts. :-) So unless my workload piles up (right now I get about 4 hours or less of actual work to do in 8 hours) I'll still be here, blogging. Glad that you are following!