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Friday, January 14, 2011

English Comp II: the first class

First of all, I was so excited all day yesterday that I could barely function at work (or home, for that matter). I had GIANT butterflies in my stomache about this class.

Here's the scoop:

My English class, though a University of Memphis class, is taught off-campus at Cordova High School. Which is way closer to my job than the campus, so I was pretty happy to have one class held there!

The professor... I don't remember her name now, but she was pretty awesome. She is funny, and talks like a teenager.

Which seemed appropriate last night, since... I was basically the only student in there who wasn't a teenager. Seriously, I think that 90% of the class was made up of 2nd semester 18-19-year old freshmen.

The other 10% were me and the 21 year old who sat by me. He said that he was thrilled to see that he wasn't the only non-freshman in the class. I had to break it to him: I am a freshman, just an... uncoventional one! He also told me that I didn't look "that old" when I told him the year of my high school graduation (2003). What a relief to not look "that old".

I told him that I wasn't "that old" and that he'd find that out himself in 5 years. He laughed. But I was serious...

Anyway, the syllabus didn't intimidate me, which is a good thing. The entire class will be leading up to the final project, which is a 10-12 page paper that makes an argument. It's like a debate paper, which I think I will really enjoy writing.

She mentioned that since we only meet weekly that this will be more like a "web-enhanced" class. She says that some assignments will be due before the next class, through email. That we can find our assignments on the web page... I don't have internet access at home, so I began silently screaming when she said this.

Here's more good news: On Monday, the Comcast people are coming over to my apartment to install cable and internet!!! And I get DVR for free for a year, and HBO free for 6 months. I'm pretty stoked about this, since I've lived without cable and internet for years now. YAY!!!

So anyway, to sum up my first day: I feel old and wise. Which is fine with me (for now).

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