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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I love American Government!!!

Seriously. I'm so happy with my Tuesday night class!

First of all, the age range of the students really put my mind at ease. There were students from 18 to 50 in there. I was happy to be right there in the middle. :-)
Plus, everyone seemed really eager to learn. There were questions being asked and answered, on the first night of class. It really made me feel comfortable being myself, asking questions myself and smiling throughout the class.

The professor is amazing. I am loving her!

Plus: the class itself is going to be a breeze. The syllabus was given out, and all of the material is things that I really am interested in. I want to learn all about our government, and why we do things the ways that we do.

The teacher says that all of the tests will be right in our text books, so there will be no surprises and if we do the reading, it should be relatively easy to get an A.

And that makes me happy. :-)

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