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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Improve my Job Performance: Day 1

Today I got some things done at work. Or at least I started several things. Tomorrow, I have a plan in place that should help me to accomplish my tasks:

7:45-8:15- Prepare all paper filing

8:15-10:15- File all paper filing

10:15- take 15 minute break (check my blogs,, facebook, etc.)

10:30-12:00- Start all computer filing

12:00-1:30- Lunch/post office run

1:30-3:30- Finish all computer filing

3:30-4:00- SHRED!!! (big stack of papers to shred has been piling up all week)

4:00-4:45- miscelaneous office work/relax

If you see me on Facebook, on, or blogging at any time other than 10:15 or 4, please kindly tell me to get back to work. Thanks!

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