my attempt at being a model 26-year-old fulltime college freshman while still working fulltime in "the real world"

Monday, February 28, 2011

School is hard!

Yes, I know. If it wasn't hard, then everyone would be doing it, right? :-)

I had my first test last week. I am almost 100% sure that I bombed it. And no, I'm not saying that in a cute, ironic way, and you won't see me come back saying, "OMG, I thought that I failed and I ended up with an A-minus! Craziness!!!"

No, I actually will be having that reaction if I end up with a C-minus. Seriously... I'm not proud of that moment.

I did study. I studied my butt off. However, I studied the WRONG THINGS and FORGOT a lot as soon as I was overwhelmed with the lack of multiple choice. It was almost all essay and short answer, with maybe 10 multiple choice questions...

Panic attack.

The only good thing about this experience? I got a much-needed wakeup call. Time to get SERIOUS (I thought that I was serious, but apparently I was not...) about studying and doing my assigned reading, as well as taking better notes in class.

Also: Half (or more) of this exam was things that she had discussed in class but WERE NOT IN THE READING or ON THE STUDY GUIDE THAT SHE GAVE US AND SAID "THIS IS WHAT IS ON THE TEST". Okay, enough shouting for one post...

I am going to be purchasing a recorder thingie to bring to that class with me. Then I will be able to transcribe the notes later. I will have to sneak it in, as she has specifically told us "no recorders" because the "stifle her speach" but I don't know what else to do. I would hate to miss something that she said in class for the next big test.

Anyway, that was last Tuesday... Time to move on.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To all the single mothers who have simultaneously worked fulltime and gone to school fulltime:

How did you do it? WOW.

I am NOT a mom. And it's been about 2 weeks of working fulltime and going to school fulltime...

...and I'm about ready to die!!! I applaud all mothers, especially single mothers, who have accomplished this.

I'm not really ready to die; I'm still super-excited to be back in school, and love my life in general.

I just really need some sleep.

There are not enough hours in the day!

So, in the interest of keeping things in perspective: At least I don't have kids.

I'm ready for a nap. Unfortunately, I have to work for another 8 hours or so. Then I have to go to class. The only thing that is getting me through this morning is thinking about 9pm tonight.

I will be in bed. Sleeping. I have no homework to do tonight, so I will be catching up on the sleep that I have lost so far this week! (6 hours of sleep Monday night, 4 hours of sleep last night... I'm a woman who is used to 8-10 hours a night!)

Good news: I feel as if despite being exhausted all of the time, I'm doing really well in school so far!

Blog update- I'm going to add some fun things to my blog, including "textbook quote of the week" and "something I learned this week in school". Keep an eye out for that! :-)