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Friday, January 7, 2011

Doing better at work already!

Okay, so I did NOT stick to that immaculate schedule yesterday, but I did do a lot more work than I would have had I not made that list.

Today, I just have a few papers left to file, which makes me so happy. I need to get it done this morning, because it's very possible that around 11 or 12 a brand new stack of papers to file will wind up on my desk. It's always nice to have the old stuff filed before the new stuff arrives.

The back-to-school shopping and test-run have both been rescheduled to Monday after work. I'm pretty stoked about it! I'm looking forward to getting to the campus and walking around, taking pictures for this blog, all with the best mom in the world. :-)

After the run to the school (this is to test how long it will actually take me in Monday traffic to get to class), we are going to go buy me some binders, pens, pencils, hilighters, erasers... oh, folders, paper, notebooks... I'm excited to go "back to school" shopping with my mom.

Even though going back to school is a step to further my adulthood, it's nice to feel like a kid again sometimes.

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  1. i love back to school shopping! the stuff is much cuter than when we were younger. have a great time :)